Cheese Dreams

I remember my gran used to makes this for us when we were young and I loved it’s! It’s not really a recipe, it’s just more of a suggestion…



When my gran made these should would dip the cheese sandwich in a mix of egg and milk and then fry, so was a french toasted cheese sandwich! This is more a fried cheese sandwich!

I didn’t bother to cut the crusts off, mainly because I was using tiger bread and one of the best things about that is the crust!


I also didn’t put any butter in the actual sandwich, thought I was using enough butter to fry them..


So after about 5 minutes on each side and about 2 ounces of butter they were ready..


So this was lunch, a fried cheese sandwich!!


Well I rather enjoyed this!! Perfect sort of hangover food!!!

Would I make these again? Yes, but my grans version is better!



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