Beef Roll

I had mince and was originally going to make meatballs for dinner but then I remembered about this recipe, doesn’t sound very exciting but I suppose it’s something different to make with mince!


I’m never sure what the recipe means by fat bacon, is it just regular bacon or the fat from bacon? I just used regular back bacon and rather than mince I just cut up with scissors.

I used 4 smallish potatoes and perhaps didn’t dice them small enough..


The only chutney I have in the fridge is an apple and rhubarb chutney, so that had to do!
I think the best way to mix this is just to get your hands in..


It is ridiculously soft and I couldn’t keep in a sausage shape with my hands, so had to use the greaseproof paper to actually shape it..


Then I wrapped in tinfoil..


After an hour in the oven it’s hard to really tell if it’s ready so I just trusted the recipe.

Well I know I’ve made some dodgy looking food from this book but this really is terrible looking! When I unwrapped the paper the whole thing just fell apart and looks awful!!

I was not able to slice it, I had to just spoon it onto plates..


I had some homemade tomato sauce in the freezer so I just defrosted some of that and poured it over, but it really doesn’t make it look any better..


If you take away the fact that it looks nothing like a roll it’s actually quite nice! I suppose it’s all a meal on it own! I can really taste the rhubarb chutney and I think that actually works in it. Even my daughter loved this and was giving it a thumbs up!

Would I make this again? Probably not, it did taste nice but just a bit messy and weird!



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