Pickled Orange Rings

I actually made this yesterday when I was having an orange kind of a day!



I only had 4 oranges left so I halved this to make with three. First off I sliced into rings..


Then I covered with water and left to simmer for 45 minutes and by then the rind was really soft..


Then I added the sugar, vinegar and spices to the water and left to simmer. It did seem like a lot of ground cloves and the smell was really strong.


After 10 minutes I added the orange rings, it says to leave them in until the rind becomes clear, but I had to assume it’s the inner rind and not the actual orange bit. I did think I’d left them simmering a tad too long as a few of them had completely broken down.


I potted what I had into one large sterilised jar..


Then I had the remaining liquid simmering for about another 10-15 minutes before I thought it was done, then I let it cool before I poured it over the slices.


So tonight we were having roast chicken for dinner so I served a slice of pickled orange on the side..


The smell from this is amazing, I had been worried about the amount of cloves but I think it’s fine, and think it works quite well with the orange. It was nice with the warm chicken but do wonder if it would be better with a cold ham, will try that next…

Would I make this again? Yes, much nicer then expected!



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