Quick Bread – 1

It’s called quick bread – 1 because there is a quick bread – 2 recipe! I have made a couple other fast loaves using regular plain flour and yeast but this is a first, making bread with just self raising flour, but this comes from the family cakes chapter rather than the bread chapter..



So as you can see there are very few ingredients to this, and I think what shows how easy this is that I had this made by 7:10 this morning and no I wasn’t up at 5, all in in took 40 minutes!

It’s just the flour and salt..


….mixed with the water…


So it says to knead gently which I gues goes against all other bread making. Normally the kneading stage can be quite exhausting and takes a good 10 minutes. For this I assumed I wasn’t to knead quite like a normal and loaf and after only 5 minutes of gentle kneading I shaped into a round and put onto an oven tray..


It doesn’t look too smooth at this point and I was tempted to knead a bit longer but I wanted this in the oven!


Well after 35 minutes it has risen and turned a nice golden brown colour but it is a rather odd shape..



It’s like a cross between a spaceship and a pac-man shaped loaf!!

So we only gave it a few minutes to cool and then had some toasted for breakfast..


It is quite soft inside but does have a bit of a crust, I quite like that though!

I do think it’s best suited for toast and I did really enjoy with my rhubarb and ginger jam..


It’s maybe not suited for sandwiches but I think considering what’s in it and how quickly this was made its actually pretty good!

Would I make this again? Yes!


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