Fruit Cake

The family cakes chapter has loads of recipes in it and I think I have been concentrating too much on savoury recipes, so going to try do at least 2 sweet recipes a week! So today I picked this one, it’s one of the first recipes from this chapter and I think it sounds like a good cake to bake if you like a lighter fruit sponge..



I do make a lot of sponges and usually it’s butter and sugar first, then beat in the eggs and then stir in the four, so when I come across a cake recipe that says to start like this I do always wonder why. Would this have turned out differently if I’d started with the butter and sugar rather than rubbing the butter into the flour..


Then the fruit goes in and I don’t think its a lot of fruit so isn’t going to be a heavy cake..


Then I mixed in the eggs and about 2-4 tablespoons of milk..


Then it’s into the tin..


After an hour it’s turned a nice golden brown colour, feels very firm and smells pretty good..


I left it to cool for a bit and was a well deserved treat after a very long walk..


It does have a bit of a crust but is very soft inside, both of which I loved. I like all kinds of fruit cake, and this one isn’t loaded with fruit but does have a decent amount and is a great cake, perfect with a cup of tea! I think the photo makes it look a bit dry but it’s really not. I think I make so much buttercream that when it comes to making cakes for us I like them naked!!

Would I make this again? Yes, great wee cake!



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