Nuts and Bolts

Tonight I was making a pre- dinner nibble and the book has a whole list of suggestions..


This is the only one that has a real recipe involved..



First off I couldn’t decide what unsweetened cereal would be good in this, the only one I thought would be suitable was all-bran, but then that doesn’t really fit with the nuts and bolts! I thought I should be using something round to be the bolt to go with the pretzel as the nut! I was going to use Cheerios but pretty sure they’ve been sweetened! So anyway I opted for all-bran with the pretzel sticks..


I do love pretzels, and probably prefer them to crisps, so to mess about with them and have them bake in the oven does seem like an unnecessary process to me!

After 15 minutes there didn’t seem like too much of a change, they were slighty darker but I didnt have time to leave in any longer..


I honestly didn’t get the differnce with the pretzel sticks, they are salty and baked anyway so seems slightly pointless adding more salt and baking them again!

The all-bran sticks did taste differnt! I don’t mind all-bran just as it is but once it’s been baked in the oven with some butter and salt it does taste a load better!

So this was something different to nibble with a pre dinner drink but to be honest I probably wouldn’t waste my time doing this again and would quite happily eat the pretzel sticks just as they are and save the cereal for breakfast!

Would I make this again? Doubtful..



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