Cream of Carrot Soup

I make carrot soup a lot but it’s always just carrots, onions, potatoes, seasoning and stock and is all ready in about half hour. I never measure anything and just throw in however many carrots that come to hand and I have to say it always tastes good enough! So to go to all the extra faff that this recipe suggests better mean it’s a good soup…



Not terribly hard to make this, just a bit of chopping first..


Then after a few minutes softening I added the stock and a bouquet garni of sorts..


An hour does seem like a long time for this to simmer and after then everything is very soft..


Once blended at this stage I thought that would’ve been enough, it was a nice enough consistency and did taste pretty good!


So the flour and milk did seem a tad unnecessary but once its all been added it does make a thicker, creamier looking soup..


I would expect a cream soup to have so much more cream in it that just a few spoonfuls, again doesn’t seem necessary.

I actually made this last night and my husband and daughter confirmed its a good soup.


I had it for lunch today and can second that! It is good and is worth all the extra effort! I really enjoyed it and think I’ll be throwing a few more things into my bog standard carrot soup from now on although I maybe won’t be quite so specific as one stick of celery, half an onion etc…

Would I make this again? Yes, great soup


6 thoughts on “Cream of Carrot Soup

  1. Mmmmm carrot soup, one of my favourites!!! I also LOVE that it has bacon in it, feels really naughty 😛 I imagine the flour and milk is to make it a slightly cheaper, purse friendly thick and creamy soup. Perhaps you could swap it for more cream when you make it in the future? Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I did think it was unusual to have bacon in and yeah I suppose that ups the calories slightly!! Yeah I think more cream is needed to be a real cream of soup but back when this was written I’m assuming cream wasn’t freely available so had to be used sparingly

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