Orange Jelly

I remember making jelly a lot as a child, it was always the packet stuff and I really liked watching the lumps of jelly slowly dissolve in the water! So this is my first attempt at actually making jelly not from a packet…



First off I did not know what loaf sugar was and I have never seen such a sugar in the shops. After a bit of googling I found out that its regular table sugar but is sold in a hard block and is often found in old recipes. Apparently is pounded down and granulated sugar can be used in its place, I didn’t have granulated to used caster…


I was halving this recipe so had to rub the sugar into half a lemon and half an orange. Wasn’t too sure how long the sugar was to be left on the fruit so I just rubbed for a bit and left sitting for a while.

Then I mixed the water with the gelatine. I did as the recipe says to pour the water over the gelatine, but then I read the gelatine packet and it says to never pour the liquid onto the gelatine, it should always be sprinkled over the liquid! It also says not to let the liquid boil and while I was worrying about my gelatine/water mixing the blooming liquid had started to boil! Wasn’t looking good for my jelly..

Anyway I added the fruit juice and heated until almost boiling, then I didn’t have any muslin so I just poured through a tea towel!

My choice of wetted mould was some little love hearts..


So I had planned for my daughter to be the taste tester for this but it took flipping ages to set, it was taking so long that I was thinking it wasn’t going work because I had mistreated the gelatine. After about 4 hours though it was nicely set!

The jelly removal process did not go well..


I had made four hearts but I only managed to remove one as an entire heart, the rest kind of fell apart as I tried to get them out. My mould is silicon so I’d thought they would come out easily.

So obviously I just had to eat the broken bits off the plate as they are, and have to say it’s not a bad jelly! The consistency is pretty good and it’s not massively sweet. It’s also not packed with fruity flavour, more of a subtle hint of orange! Overall though I quite liked this and although it hasn’t turned out quite like I hoped it’s not a complete failure!

Would I make this again? Yes I would!



4 thoughts on “Orange Jelly

    • Oh I was doing a bit of cursing when I was trying to get the jelly out!! Still tasted good though! Left the intact heart for my daughter to try tomorrow, that will be the real test…..

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