I must admit I’m a bit lazy when it comes to soup, I favour the blended kind when it doesn’t matter how everything gets chopped. It is actually a nice change to make a soup like this though…



I don’t think I’ve ever chopped so much veg before…


See how organised I’m being with this recipe!!

First off I fried the leek, onion and garlic..


Then I added the stock and the carrot, turnip and celery..


I was going to use macaroni but then found a packet of soup pasta so I opted to use that instead, but I didn’t add at this stage because I didn’t think it needed that long cooking.

After 30 minutes I added the cabbage, beans and peas..


Then I added the bacon and opted to use tomato paste..


So after about an hour of chopping and then an hour of cooking it was ready..


I did rather annoyingly forget the Parmesan!! So had just as it is..


Well this must be more than one of my five a day or eight a day or whateve the reccomended veg intake is! It is absolutely packed with veg, and I was a bit tempted to add a little more stock. It does taste good and is very filling. I’ve made loads so this will keep us going for a few days!

Would I make this again? Yes..



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