Orange Gingerbread

I loved the everyday gingerbread that I made a couple of weeks ago so was looking forward to trying this…


The recipe varies in a few ways, obviously this one has orange in it but it also has no syrup, less ginger and less liquid, so was hoping it was still going to turn out just as good.

First off I measured out the dry ingredients, this does have some cinnamon as well but was tempted to throw in a little extra ginger..


This method varies as well, the other gingerbread involved warming all the wet ingredients then mixing into the dry, but this starts with rubbing the fat into the dry ingredients..


Still no idea what differnce it makes! Then I added the orange bits and peices..


Then in went the treacle..


Then I added the rest of the ingredients and I did add some milk..


After an hour I checked on this and it was definitely ready, in fact I thought it had maybe been in too long..


The house does smell pretty amazing while this is cooking!!

Once it had cooled slightly I cut into squares..


Well texturely this is very different to the everyday gingerbread, it’s much lighter which I didn’t really think is a good thing! I want my gingerbread sticky!!


Taste wise it is nice, not gingery enough in my opinion and also the orange flavour isn’t as strong as I’d hoped. It is good with a cup of tea but just not as fab as the everyday gingerbread!

Would I make this again? Possibly..



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