Golden Slaw

There’s a few coleslaw recipes in this book, which I do find quite surprising. I assume they were added at the reprinting in the 60’s as I really can’t imagine coleslaw being popular in the late 40’s. We were having steak and chips for tea so decided this would go nicely with that..



I tried to cut out the heart of the cabbage but gave up as my knives are rubbish. I opted to pull apart all the leaves and I kept back three smaller leaves to be the bowls and then shredded the rest..


I think I started off with the right amount of Gruyere but I just love it so much that I did eat a good few peices in the slicing process..


Then I added the apple..


Then the mayo mixture..


Finally I spooned into cabbage bowls..


So as a coleslaw this is pretty good. I love that it has Gruyere in it!! It was great with tonight’s steak and chips..


Would I make this again? Yes I would!!



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