Fruit Cake

This is the second fruit cake from the same chapter. The first one was in the plain cakes section which are made by the rubbing in method. This one is in the one stage section..


It does say that you need a special margarine, so not knowing what superfine or blue band are I decided stork would have to do and so I was making this fruit cake in the all in one method.

I’m liking that this has a good amount of mixed spice..


Then this cake has a lot more fruit..


I had opted to use a mixture of raisins, currants, sultanas and mixed peel.

So it’s all just mixed together..


It does seem like a long cooking time, and I did keep checking on it after an hour but I did have it in the oven for pretty much the full hour and three quarters..


It does have a nice flat top, which is good if it’s being coverd with marzipan and fondant, but I’m not too sure why! I’ve heard of a few tips to make sure you get a flat topped cake but I didn’t use any of them making this!


So how does this compare to the first fruit cake? Well I preferrd this but think that’s due to the mixed spice and more fruit. It is quite a crumbly cake but I do really like it..

Would I make this again? Yup!


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