Cucumber Salad

Not a very exciting sounding recipe this one but I had half a cucumber in the fridge that needed using and we were having fishcakes for tea so thought this would go well with that..



So not too much involved in this, it’s just chopping a cucumber and then making the dressing!

I opted to leave the skin on the cucumber, and the dressing is simply salt, pepper, mustard, sugar, vinegar and oil. It’s the same french dressing recipe I’ve shared a few times, dead easy and ready in minutes..


Then after 15 minutes it’s sprinkled with a decent amount of parsley…


So that’s it! Served on the side with some fishcakes and broccoli…


Well this is rather lovely! I think you can’t go wrong with a french dressing and I do like it quite sharp so I didn’t add the full 2 tbsps of oil. Does make a simple cucumber much more interetsing!!

Would I make this again? Yes, super easy and delicious..


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