Egg Ragout

First off I know this looks awful! It’s such an unusual recipe and combine that with my terrible photography skills and the poor light in my house makes this look really bad…but don’t judge this based on how it looks…



I’m being a lot more adventurous with my egg consumption these days, and although I’m still not loving boiled eggs I thought this might be ok considering there is a rich meaty sauce over the eggs!

So first off I started boiling my eggs. I opted two make this with 4 eggs and reduced the other ingredients accordingly..


So then I started making the sauce, I didn’t have any fresh stock so just used from a cube and I only put 4 cloves in my onion!


The onion was barely submerged in the sauce so I kept stirring it to help..


I had opted to just half the eggs and put into separate bowls…


After 10 minutes of simmering and adding the lemon juice, the sauce has turned really dark and glossy…


It looks like chocolate sauce poured over boiled eggs!! I think that’s what may initially put you off, but it actually tastes a million times better than it looks!!

The sauce is thick and has a good flavour from the onion, cloves and bay leaf and is actually not too bad with the egg and I did actually eat the lot!

Would I make this again? Possibly..



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