Patio Salad

This isn’t a salad I’ve heard of and did wonder if it’s a real recipe! I found a few references to other patio salad recipes and just about every one had a differnt list of ingredients! Anyway I was looking for something quick for dinner and thought this sounded nice..



As far as I’m aware tuna only comes in one size can! I definitely didn’t think 3 olives was enough, we love olives in this house so I more than doubled that..


I diced the potatoes first and then put into boil, then I added the beans for the last few minutes. I didn’t need to cut the beans as they were pretty much already in 4 inch pieces..


Once the potatoes and beans were cooked I put them into a dish..


I only had cherry tomatoes, which I actually think are better for this! So I used about a cup of them and halved before mixing with the potatoes and beans..


Then I put on the tuna and olive mix..


Then I poured over the dressing..


Then I garnished slightly randomly with the chicory..


My daughters face was a picture when she saw this was for tea, but after tasting it she loved it and was another plate scraped clean dinner!! I loved it as well, I had served it with the potatoes and beans still warm which was nice. The flavours altogether are just great and I could’ve quite happily eaten the lot!

Would I make this again? Yes..



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