Spotted Dick

So this is a proper old fashioned classic! I know obviously all the recipes in this book are pretty old fashioned but this is probably one of the most recognisable..



It’s all pretty basic ingredients and all the prep is done in a matter of minutes.


I had opted for the pouring consitency so that I could steam in a bowl in my steamer, although it looks a bit weird! It’s almost like porridge!


I was thinking I maybe hadn’t made my breadcrumbs fine enough, and I had used the crusts when making the breadcrumbs so maybe it’s a tad chunky than it should be, oh well, hoping that will add some texture!

I greased my sort of pudding bowl and poured the mix in..


Based on some of the other steamed pudding recipes I assumed I was to cover it, so I tied some greaseproof paper round it and
then I put it in the steamer. I think I did leave it for pretty much the full two hours.

It’s hard to tell if it’s ready as the steamer is so hot, so I just had to take it out and hope it was ok, still looks like porridge…


It came out of the dish no problem but I really didn’t think it was meant to look like this??


I went away and did a quick image search and this maybe doesn’t look as smooth as other pictures I saw! Maybe that due to my slightly chunky breadcrumbs!

It is super soft but I still managed to cut out a slice ok..


I was going to have this with custard but I tried a bit before I started heating the custard and I have to say is pretty damn good just as it is!! It’s really soft and sticky and is just a brilliant pud! I thought it was just great on its own!


I feel I say this a lot but this tastes way better than it looks and I will quite happily finish the rest of the weekend, may try with custard tomorrow just to check..

Would I make this again? Yes, a very pleasant surprise..



4 thoughts on “Spotted Dick

  1. I love old fashioned puddings like this but have never actually steamed one myself. It looks ok in the pictures – just very moist – and that’s not a bad thing!

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