Surprise Shrimp Bake

This recipe is in the teach your child to cook chapter, so I got my daughter in to help with this. She does love to help in the kitchen and I think that’s helped make her quite adventurous when it comes to trying new food!



So first off we put the eggs onto boil, and then we were using canned shrimps rather than frozen. We opted to just throw the whole can in!


Once the eggs had boiled we sliced them and layered in top of the shrimps..


Next we got chopping the veg, she insisted I post this photo..


So my daughter insists she hates celery, but she was quite happily eating wee bits raw that she had chopped up!

Then we got the celery and mushrooms frying in the butter, and she insisted I post this action shot of her stirring..


Once the sauce is done it’s poured over the egg and shrimps..


Then rather than faff about with grating slices of bread I just used some breadcrumbs I had in the freezer..


After 30 minutes it was looking nicely golden, but I had forgotten to keep back some egg for garnish..


It does kind of slop out of the bowl, am thinking maybe the sauce wasn’t thick enough..


Well I actually quite liked this!! Shrimps are good, sauce with the mushrooms and celery is good, eggs are also actually quite good in this and then the breadcrumbs add a nice cruncy texture!

So what did my daughter think?? I don’t think she liked it quite as much as me! She did eat it but I don’t think she’d rush to have it again!!

Would I make it again? Maybe..



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