Plum and Apple Chutney

I do love making chutney and also love eating it with some crackers and cheese or in a sandwich..



I didn’t have enough vinegar in the cupboard to make the full amount, only had a quarter of a pint so I divided everything else by 8!

The smells from the spices was great..


Then there’s a bit of chopping to do. I did think it was unusual to have carrot in a chutney..


Really not sure how necessary it is to blend the salt and spices with some vinegar before adding to the rest of the ingredients. Once all mixed together it does smell good…


I think this was simmering for about 30 minutes before there was no free liquid, and was smelling even better..


I left this to cool for a bit and first tried it on some crackers and cheese and is brilliant! It’s sweet but with a nice sharpness and the flavour from the spices is great! I then let it cool completely and had with some ham and is just as good..


I only ended up with one jar which is not going to last long! I think the longer this gets left the better it tastes, but in order to test that I’ll need to make more.

Would I make this again? Yes, brilliant chutney!



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