Baked Mushrooms

This isn’t really a recipe, more like a suggestion, but I’m carrying on with tonight’s plan of emptying the vegetable drawer!


I remember reading somewhere that you shouldn’t wash mushrooms, instead they should be cleaned with a mushroom brush. Unfortunately I don’t have a mushroom brush so I just wiped clean with some kitchen roll! Then it doesn’t specifically say to cut the stalks but the ones on my mushrooms were all random lengths which I thought would make it tricky to top with butter, so I trimmed them..


Then topped with a little butter and seasoning..


After 20 minutes in the oven they didn’t look terribly appealing and I was thinking I should’ve topped with a bit more butter..


So tonight’s dinner was pan fried turkey with the carrot salad, tomato salad and these. I was pleasantly surprised at these, they were soft but tasted good and went really well with the turkey.

Would I make these again? Possibly, good way to use up mushrooms!!


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