Greek Baked Fish

Going by the title of this recipe I would’ve expected slightly more ingredients..



As you can see it’s pretty much just the fish, onions and tomatoes. I would’ve liked maybe some garlic, wine and olives in this as well! I suppose this is maybe a more store cupboard friendly greek baked fish!

I was using haddock for this..


Then it’s quite a lot of onions, that I maybe could’ve chopped slighty finer but my knives badly need sharpened..


I added in what parsley I have left in the garden, which probably was nowhere near enough..


After about 15 minutes of gentle cooking they were nicely soften and I then added the tomatoes, and I had opted to use fresh tomatoes..


Then that is poured over the fish..


After 15 minutes in the oven it’s ready..


I forgot to garnish with lemon or tomatoes, but I don’t think it needs that. Maybe the garnish would’ve made it looked a bit more interesting but never mind!!

As a dinner this was good, it’s delicious and really easy, perfect mid week dinner! I think it should just really be called tomato and onion baked fish as there doesn’t feel anything particularly Greek about it!

Would I make this again? Yes, another good way to serve fish that helps me out of a fish rut!!



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