Bridge Rolls

I do miss photographs in this book, helps to give you an idea of what the final result is meant to look like! I assume these are what we think of these days as finger rolls..



I found quite an interesting definition of these; apparently they date back to 1926 but made a decline in popularity in the 1960’s but they were popular at bridge games, hence the name!!

Anyway first off I rubbed the fat into the flour and salt..


Then I added the milk, egg and yeast and formed into a dough. I didn’t knead for too long, just long enough until the dough was smooth..


After about 2 hours of rising I shaped them into fingers..


After slightly longer than 20 minutes they had risen slightly more and almost joined together..


Then it was into the oven for 20 minutes..


They have joined together a bit more whilst cooking but do think they should’ve been even closer..


I left them to cool for a bit and then we had this with a variety of fillings for lunch..


Well these are good wee rolls! Lovely and soft, perfect with bacon or hotdogs or even just butter! I've definitely not made enough of these…


Would I make these again? Yes, another easy bread recipe made with plain flour..



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