Date Bran Muffins

I thought these sounded like a nice idea to serve for breakfast..



So first off I decided I could use a bran based cereal for this!


It is all bran after all! I blitzed that in my food processor and then mixed with the milk.

I also wasn’t too sure what whipped up cooking fat is? Should I be using lard?? I had stork in the fridge so decided that would do!

Then the dry ingredients seem a bit unusual, it just seems like such a lot of baking powder for the amount of flour. I carried on anyway and the resulting mixture looks pretty awful..


So I wasnt expecting these I turn out particularly well, I’m pretty sure using too much baking powder can have consequences! I did check on them half way without opening then door and they had actually risen really well, but by the time the full cooking time was up they had shrunk right back and did not look well risen..


I’d like to point out that my muffin cases are quite large but they definitely haven’t risen as much as I would expect a muffin to.


I guess the important thing is how they taste, and actually they are pretty good!! I tried one warm and it was lovely with the sticky dates and the bran, so much so that I had to have another straightaway!!

Would I make these again? Possibly but I’d need to re think the dry ingredients..



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