Risotto alla Milanese

I do have arborio risotto rice in the cupboard and would ordinarily use that, but I’m quite interested to see how this works with regular long grain rice..



First off I think this is a ridiculous amount of butter..


So I cooked the onion in an obscene amount of butter..


Then I added the rice..


Next I poured over the wine and left to bubble off before starting with the stock..


After about 20 minutes of simmering and all the stock had been added it was actually looking pretty good, really nice and creamy..


I rather reluctantly added the rest of the butter, but opted to serve the cheese on the side..


So I was omitting the beef marrow and saffron because I didn’t have either, kind of not sure how I feel about cooking or eating bone marrow anyway! So technically this is a risotto bianco!


Well I loved this! I could’ve quite happily eaten the entire pot! The rice is lovely and soft and is a wonderfully comforting dinner! I’d consider trying it with the saffron but I like how this is really simple with basic ingredients and tastes great.

Would I make this again? Most definitely..



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