Baked Custard

I didn’t think that I liked custard, but then I made some for the first time myself a few months ago, I did use custard powder but I did actually really like it! So tonight I fancied this as a pudding..



I didn’t want to make too much so I decided to third this and hope that would be enough for two.

So I was heating up a third of a pint and whisking just the one egg with a third of an ounce of sugar..


Once the milk was heated but not boiling I poured that over the eggs and sugar..


Then I strained the mixture into two greased ramekins..


Then I sprinkled with a little nutmeg and put into a tray with some water to avoid any curdling or separating!


I thought it would need less cooking time due to them being individual but I didn’t think they looked properly set until the full 45 minutes..


I decided this should be eaten warm so I let it cool for barely a few minutes before trying it. The texture is surprisingly good, it’s set really well..


It’s just a shame that it doesn’t taste quite like I expected. Its very light and could be doing with a bit more sugar but it’s just not quite the comforting pud I’d expected!

Would I make this again? Maybe, I’d perhaps try with a fruity layer at the bottom or even just a touch more sugar would help..



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