Grilled Skewered Beef

I had a can of pineapple chunks in the cupboard that I don’t actually remember what I bought for, so this recipe caught my eye this week and sounded good..



First off I put the steak into a plate with the pineapple juice, ginger, soy sauce and garlic and left for roughly an hour..


I had an 8oz steak so was halving everything, but I didn’t have 12 skewers! I’m also pretty surprised that I should be able to get 12 skewers out of this! I actually only had 3…


It seemed a bit random to be putting an olive on the end, but I followed the recipe and stuck a black olive onto each skewer.

So then it was under the grill for about 10 minutes..


These were dinner tonight, served with some homemade oven chips and it was a rather good dinner! The steak is really good, can just taste the marinade and it’s lovely and tender. The grilled pineapple is really good with the steak, and weirdly the olive is actually quite good, so much so that we were wanting more of them!!

Would I make these again? Yes definitely..



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