Pavlova Cake

After a bit of a break I am back on the baking and cooking! I have never tried to make a pavlova before and I have not had much success when it comes to meringue based recipes but I remained hopeful that this would be a success….



I thought Pavlova originated from Russia but this recipe says its Australian in origin! I then had to do a quick check and it’s named after a Russian ballet dancer after her tour in Australia! I’m not sure why it’s called a pavlova cake and not just pavlova, maybe that’s just something to do with the age of this book!

I am hoping my attempt will be crispy on outside with a marshmallow texture underneath just like the description!

First off I whisked the three egg whites, I was using egg whites that I’d had in the freezer..


Then I added the sugar slowly and then the vinegar, cornflour and vanilla, and at this point it was looking lovely and glossy..


The mixture does look right but I felt that the more I whisked it the thinner it got! It just wasn’t a lovely thick consistency that I was going to be able to pile up! I ended up have to put out and only managed a very slight dip in the middle..


So not sure what has gone wrong here, I do find meringue recipes quite confusing! Should it be icing sugar or caster sugar and does it matter which type of vinegar?? Then corn flour isn’t always used. Anyway I had to just carry on and left this in the oven for an hour..


It’s feels nice and crisp on top and the paper peeled away easily, I am really hoping that the inside is going to be nice and chewy!

Next I whipped the cream..


That was then piled on the meringue..


Part of me wanted to use fresh fruit for this but I had a can of apricots in the cupboard so stuck with the recipe and decorated with them instead..


Then I decorated with glace cherries..


Finally I had managed to get some candied Angelica so I sprinkled some of that over the top..


So was really hoping for a nice marshmallow like inside and wasn’t disappointed..


So how does it actually taste? The meringue is surprisingly nice! It’s crunchy on the outside and then really soft like marshmallow and lovely and light. The cream is good and then fruit is nice on top. Overall I’m quite pleased with this effort!

Would I make this again? Yes I would..


15 thoughts on “Pavlova Cake

  1. Looks lovely – my recipe reckoned no need for the cornflour or vinegar and no vanilla either. It is possible to over beat the egg whites before you add the sugar then you sometimes lose the stiffness. I usually beat my be to soft peaks then add the sugar. Once the sugar is in its impossible to over beat. Loved your retro decoration too!

  2. Help! My pack of angelica has just arrived. I may have been a bit hasty in ordering such a large amount…. Usually I cut discreet leaf shapes to add to a glace cherry on a swirl of chocolate butter icing. I will have to look for other uses! (Apart from just nibbling at it). Suggestions gratefully received. It has a best before date in October – I thought it lasted for years?

    • Ha!! I ordered 50g which will last a while! All the suggestions for it in this book are as a garnish. Its used on various pies, tarts and cakes but thats it. I had never actually heard of it until I opened this book

      • I was talking about it to Anna at bakery47 a while ago. She mentioned a recipe book – Turkish? where it features as an ingredient. I’ll ask again – not that I need an excuse to go!

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