Nassi Goreng

This recipe is in the South East Asia section of the around the world chapter, and I thought it sounded like an ideal recipe for using up leftover pork from last nights roast.



I’d never actually heard of this but when I was in the supermarket I saw a nasi Goreng kit! All that was in it was rice, paste and soy sauce, which doesn’t really seem like a comprehensive kit! I did a bit of a search on this recipe and they are all spelt nasi, rather than nassi and all the references I found did sound pretty similar, it’s pretty much fried pre-cooked rice with spices, meat and prawns/shrimps.

This book says that all recipes serve 4 unless specified, so this doesn’t specify but 1lb of rice seems like an awful lot for 4, so I decided to half it. Even half a pound of rice is a lot for two..


I left the rice to cool and then started frying the onions and garlic


The recipe just says sweet chutney and all I had was a rhubarb chutney so decided that would do! That was added with the spices, meat and the shrimps. I was having to use tinned shrimps as I can never seem to find fresh ones..


They were all added to the onions..


Then I added the cold rice and turned and tried not to stir!

Whilst that was cooking I made an omelette with just one egg..


By the time the omelette was ready I took the rice off the heat, due to the lack of actually stirring it had started to stick to the bottom of the pan, and it was all looking just a bit dry..

It was garnished with the omelette and the remaining shrimps and that was it ready..


So despite this looking a bit dry I was quite looking forward to trying this! It is loads and way way too much for 2 adults. So it’s just as well it tastes soo good as this is dinner again tomorrow!! It’s not too dry at all surprisingly, I will admit I was a bit tempted to sprinkle over some more soy sauce but managed to resist! The flavour is great and I could taste the sweet chutney which I thought worked well.

Would I make this again? Yes, who needs a nasi Goreng kit!!



2 thoughts on “Nassi Goreng

  1. Mmmm this does look delicious. I love nasi goreng but agree most of the kits that you can buy in supermarkets are terrible. Glad you enjoyed this so much 🙂

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