Bread and Butter Pickle

I think my favourite ever sandwich filling is cheese and pickle, there are a few pickle recipes in the book but this sounded like the easiest to start with..



So there’s not much to this recipe, cucumber and onion slicing and that’s about all the real effort required! I couldn’t get celery seeds but I do have celery salt. So I opted to use that to sprinkle over the veg so that I was still getting some sort of celery hit!


After an hour a lot if liquid had been released from the cucumber and onion, and they were really soft..


I had a little taste at this point and it’s pretty good!

Then I put the vingest, sugar and mustard seeds on..


Once that’s been on the hob for a few minutes I poured it over the cucumber and onion that’s been packed into sterilised jars..



I actually made this yesterday as I wanted to leave for at least a day to try it. As the recipe says it great with bread and butter that’s what I had it with..


It does seem a bit unusal having just a sandwich and pickle but for an afternoon snack this was brilliant!! I don’t think it should be limited to bread and butter, I’m going to try this in my cheese sandwiches!!

Would I make this again? Yes, I only made with one cucumber and ended up with 2 jars but pretty sure that won’t last long..


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