Stuffed Crab

I’ve only ever used tinned crab before, I have eaten fresh crab at a restaurant but never had to prepare before. The recipe says to prepare it in the usual way but I have not had much success preparing shellfish in the past!



I attempted to prepare a lobster a few months ago and was a complete disaster, I had no idea what bits should be avoided! So I was only ever going to try this with a dressed crab from the fishmonger..


To prepare the stuffing I first soaked the bread..


Once that had been squeezed I added the bacon, chilli, garlic, chives and seasoning..


I then mixed in the crab..


Then that was all piled back into the crab shell..


Finally it’s topped with breadcrumbs and then into the oven for about 30 minutes.


I had intended to buy two crabs and have one each but I thought that seemed too much, so I just made the one and we ended up having with a salad and some wedges.


We really enjoyed this! It is quite rich but in a good way! I didn’t really get much heat from the chilli so would maybe up that a bit more or even leave the seeds in! Overall it’s really delicious, and I was worried about the consistency with the brown meat and the bread but the breadcrumbs add a nice crunch.

Would I make this again? Yes, really enjoyed this..



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