Calcutta Beef Curry

We do like having some sort of slow cooked dish on a Sunday, and I like the sound of this slow cooked curry..



The coconut milk tip is not something I had ever heard of!! So now I know I can dissolve desiccated coconut in water in the event I can’t find coconut milk!

I did a quick search for this recipe and did come across a few that had pretty much similar ingredients, although fresh chillies and fresh ginger did feature.

The smell and colours of the spices together is good..


Then I mixed all that with some of the coconut milk..


Once the onion and garlic had been cooking for a few minutes I added the paste..


Then after another few minutes the meat was added..


So the recipe says the stock should be added at the same time as the meat and there is no real browning stage, so that’s what I did!


An hour does not seem long enough at all to cook the meat, I think I ended up leaving this to simmer for nearer 2 hours! I had expected the liquid to all simmer away, but there’s still a decent amount after all that time..


So then the coconut milk, lemon juice and salt is added and it kind of totally ruins the look of it, there’s now way too much liquid! So I served this just with some boiled rice and chose not to serve any of the weird fruit accompaniments that the book suggests!


Our plates were drowning in sauce and there was still loads left in the pan, so it’s just as well it tastes so good!! The sauce truly is delicious, the flavour from all the spices and the coconut milk is great. The meat is lovely and soft and the three of us loved this. I have loads of sauce left so tomorrow I am going to make a version of this with prawns!

Would I make this again? Yes, loved it..


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