Savoury Rice and Bananas

I have been threatening to make this recipe for a while but every time I suggest it to my husband and daughter I get shrieks in protest! So tonight I decided that my sister and fiancé weren’t getting a choice and we were having this for dinner..



This is one of those recipes that you read over and over again to make sure you’re reading it right! Rice, banana and egg?

I decided to just make half and made sure there was a dinner alternative in case this didn’t turn out well. We did a search to see if we could find other evidence of this alleged Argentinian recipe and could only find other references to this!

So first the rice was cooked in the lard!


While the rice was cooking we deliberated over the eggs and bananas. My sister thought we should be making some sort of egg fried rice and the egg should be cooked through the rice, I thought I should simply fry the eggs as they are to plonk on top of the rice! I decided to go with my version and fried the eggs and bananas…


I was meant to be using two bananas but there was a general feeling of uncertainty about them that I decided to only do the one!

I fried them for a few minutes on each side..


The rice was cooked in about 15 minutes and was nice and soft without being too stodgy..


So then the fried eggs and banana were placed on top..


Next it says to top with onion, tomato and parsley. Well I did not want to use raw regular onion as it’s not really pleasant to eat, so I opted for spring onion! Is it weird that I think it’s ok to serve rice with banana but not ok to put raw onion on top??


So this was served as an extra accompaniment with our sausages! Well this is not as weird as it looks or sounds! It’s actually quite a pleasant surprise! The rice is really nicely cooked and it’s weirdly nice when you try the rice with the banana and egg! It’s hard to explain but we all quite liked it! The banana is soft and sweet which you’d expect to be rotten with egg and rice but actually it all works!!

Would I make this again? Yes I would!



6 thoughts on “Savoury Rice and Bananas

  1. Hmmm…I think this recipe might have gotten a bit lost in translation. In South America, plantains are eaten in savoury dishes. They look like bananas but the flavour and texture is more like potato and can replace potatoes in cooking. Unlike bananas, plantain have no sweetness and cannot be eaten raw.

    • That’s what we were talking about as we were making this!! I’ve never cooked plantain but knew it was banana like in appearance but more likely to be used in savoury dishes. Yes agree this has probably been completely lost in translation! We still ate and and actually quite enjoyed it!!!

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