Apple and Celery Stuffing

I had a cooking apple in the fridge and we were having pork for tea so I decided to have a go at this and attempt to stuff the joint of pork..



The recipe says to use four medium cooking apples but I had one large one, so I sort of reduced the rest of the ingredients accordingly! The bacon, onion, celery and apple are fried until soft..


Then I added the breadcrumbs, parsley, seasoning and about a teaspoon of sugar..


Then it’s all mixed together..


I don’t think the joint of pork I had was really big enough for stuffing, but after some slicing and bashing I had managed to get all the stuffing inside! I had kept the butcher tie things to use to hold it all together..


After about and hour and 15 minutes it was cooked..


So the stuffing stayed in the joint during cooking but it didn’t exactly slice up very well!!


In fact it was a complete mess!! All the stuffing fell out as we attempted to slice it, which I am blaming on my rubbish knives! Anyway it’s more important what it tastes like and it’s tastes good! The stuffing is really nice and all goes well with the pork.

Would I make this again? Yes



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