Cheese Grilled Fish

I don’t often grill fish, I usually fry, poach or bake in the oven. I really like the sound of this recipe and not something I’d ever have thought to do with a fillet of fish!!



I was using haddock for this and had bought 2 fillets so halved everything else, which meant having to grate only a quarter of an onion!!


The mixture is all a bit dry so doesn’t blend together very well..


Maybe I should’ve melted the butter a bit or used made up mustard to help it mix together better. I grilled the fish for 5 minutes on one side and then another couple on the other..


Then I had to kind of sprinkle over the cheese mix as it was far too dry to spread over..


Then I topped with slices of tomato..


After another few minutes under the grill the cheese was bubbling and the tomatoes were cooked..


We were having this with some peas and homemade oven chips, a slighty alternative fish and chips!! Well this was great! The fish perhaps didn’t need quite so long under the grill but combined with the cheesy topping it’s great! The mustard just adds a nice heat to it, and even my daughter loved this, said it was like a fish pizza!

Would I make this again? Yes definitely..


4 thoughts on “Cheese Grilled Fish

    • No I just cut them up – skin on if I can’t be bothered peeling!! – then drizzle with oil and seasoning then in the oven for about 40 minutes. Could parboil and reduce oven time. Was a good fish and chip dinner!!

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