Parisienne Potatoes

I know I say this quite often as well but I am always looking for different ways to serve potatoes, I’ll do anything to avoid plain boiled spuds! So this was looking like an interesting recipe!



So I actually went out and bought a melon baller specifically for this recipe! May seem a bit extravagant but my kitchen has been lacking in the melon baller department and am sure I’ll get plenty of use out of it in the future!!

Not sure how old my potatoes are, possibly a week but does that matter? Guess it might make them easier to shape. I did find it quite tricky to get nice proper round shapes..


I put these on to boil for 5 minutes, and I also put the remaining potato on to boil in another pan. I hate wasting food so plan to make some mash with the leftover bits and use them for another meal.

They were pretty soft after only 5 minutes..


Then it was into the pan with butter and oil..


I did start off shaking the pan to keep them moving but they started to breakdown slighty…


I was a little more gentle with them for the last few minutes in the pan until they were starting to brown..


We were having these with sausages and sweetcorn! Well I loved these! They had turned out like I expected, I had imagined perfectly round, smooth balls of fried potato. They are softer and I need to work on my balling technique but as a way to serve potatoes it’s great!

Would I make this again? Yes, definitely!


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