Salmon Loaf

So this is another of the recipes that looks pretty awful! Who can resist pink food garnished with a boiled egg…



I have decided that I do not like cans of salmon, we do often have tins of tuna and mackerel but I just find something a bit off about tins of salmon. There’s lots of slimy bits and hard white bits! I’m not normally put off by bones in fish but I do just find this tinned salmon stuff a tad unappealing..


By the time I had picked out all the horrible bits I’m pretty sure I had much less than the 7oz! Anyway I beat in the butter until it was light and smooth as I could get it..


Then I added the grated onion and celery..


I don’t actually know if my tin really is a 1lb one but it’s the smallest I have and rather than butter it I placed some cling film inside. Then half the salmon mix is spread in and topped with a boiled egg..


I think my egg was a still a bit too warm to get nice clean slices, so just as well it’s getting topped with more lovely salmon mix..


Then I folded over the cling film and put it into the fridge for a few hours..


It did actually turn out quite well, I managed to transfer it to a plate quite easily. I was wishing I had watercress to garnish, but all I had was even more egg..


So looks good doesn’t it? This is one of those dishes that when I put it down on the table there was a stunned silence! Considering that we all tried this and surprisingly tastes quite nice!! Even my daughter wasn’t put off by how it looks! The texture is ok but the flavour is way way better than expected, but we could only manage a small slice!!

Would I make this again? Maybe, if I was having a 1970s garden party then definitely!!



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