Chocolate Cases

I make a lot of sponge cakes and am always trying to make sure I get a nice flat topped sponge for tiered cakes, but doesn’t always work out and I have to do a bit of trimming, so today I had some cake trimmings and decided to make these..



I didn’t start this last night, I started this morning and used the fridge to help set the cases. I was using bournville chocolate and only ended up using 100g. I also did it in stages, so I painted on one layer..


Then after a couple hours in the fridge it had nicely set..


I then painted on a second layer and put back in the fridge for another few hours.

The cases peeled off no problem to leave nice chocolate cases!


Then I mixed the cake crumbs with the jam and very little sherry, I didn’t want to use too much as my daughter was really looking forward to trying these!! If they had been for adults only I would probably have added more sherry..


That mix is then spooned into each case..


Then I piped on the whipped cream..


So the recipe says maraschino cherries but I opted for the coloured glace cherries I have..


I was first to test this and what a perfect afternoon treat with a cup of tea!! The chocolate case is great and the cream and sponge mix together is just a delight!! It was a struggle to limit myself to one just…

Would I make these again? Yes, loved these..



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