Bubble and Squeak

I haven’t had this in years and I had some cabbage that needed using up and thought these would go nicely with tonight’s haddock..


The recipes doesn’t actually specify cabbage and potato quantities. I had less than a quarter of a cabbage, it wasn’t cooked so I shredded it and boiled for a few minutes. I didn’t actually have any leftover mash either but I had one large potato left in the cupboard so I cooked and mashed that!


They were mixed together with some seasoning..


So from the recipe I thought I was to cook this altogether but I decided to make three separate ones. It is quite a wet mixture and at first it looked a bit messy in the pan and was almost falling apart!


After about 20 minutes and a couple of turns they had firmed up and bit..


They didn’t really crisp up much, but I didn’t want to leave cooking for too long, so once they were nicely browned I removed and we had these with haddock baked in cream..


These are really really soft. I was expecting them to be a bit firmed. Taste wise they are ok, I think they’d would’ve been better if I’d made with the nicer, outer leaves of the cabbage. It was good with the fish and a nice way to serve potatoes!!

Would I make this again? Yes.


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