Haddock Baked in Cream

So this turns out to be yet another of those recipes that looks pretty hideous, but don’t be put off just yet…



So some lovely fresh haddock from the fishmonger..


Topped with a lot of onion!!


Then the cream, lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce mix is poured over..


So very minimal prep for this! Once the cream is poured over its covered and then into the oven. The recipe doesn’t actually specify a temperature but I had this in at 180.

The recipe says not to worry about any curdling, so I didn’t worry about it but it doesn’t look very nice once cooked!


Its not curdled quite as much as I expected but even still it doesn’t make good photographs!!


We were having this with some bubble and squeak..


Yet again this tastes way way way better than it looks! The fish is nicely cooked, the onions are a bit undercooked bit I didn’t mind that. The creamy sauce is great and get lots of flavour from the Worcestershire sauce and the lemon, and the sauce is fab with the fish.

Overall another great dinner!

Would I make this again? Yes..



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