Cream of Green Pea Soup

So this is the last cream of soup to make from the book, again there’s not much cream in it, but then none of the cream soups did!



This is another recipe that has a packet of frozen peas in the ingredient list, I think that’s pretty ambiguous! I was using frozen peas and the packet in my freezer is 1kg, which seems like an awful lot of peas for a pot of soup for four people!! So I opted to use this much…


That is quite a big bowl, I didn’t weigh them but I reckon I used about three quarters of the 1kg bag.

I opted to put some mint in as my garden is slowly being taken over by mint so any excuse to use some of it..


Once the onion has been softened I added the peas, mint and stock and left to simmer..


I had started the bechamel sauce earlier, and while the soup was simmering I finished it off. In order to keep it as a pouring consistency I just used less butter and flour..


Once the peas had been simmering for about 10 minutes I blitzed them and it’s quite a thick mix which is a brilliant colour!! Before blitzing I removed the sprigs of mint but then I put a few leaves back in to blitz with the peas.


Then the bechamel sauce is mixed and heated through. I had a taste at this point and I didn’t think it needed any more seasoning or any sugar. So cream added and that was it..


Served with some crusty bread and this was dinner..


Well this is quite possibly my new favourite soup! I loved it! The flavour of the peas and the mint is great, it’s not overly minted, although my daughter may disagree slightly as she thought the mint was a bit funny in it, she did polish off her plate before she decided on that though! I thought it was a perfect combination and such a fab summery colour!

Would I make this again? Yes definitely..



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