Fried Prawns in Batter

This is another recipe from the round the world chapter and is from China. Sweet and sour prawns is one of my daughters favourite dishes so she was really looking forward to these prawns!!



I have to admit I don’t often buy fresh prawns!! I just find them a bit overpriced, maybe I’m being a skinflint! So tonight was a a treat, some fresh king prawns..


So maybe it’s a shame I’m going to deep fry these in batter!! Anyway, the recipe is a bit vague when it comes to the batter, do I whisk the egg whites then add the flour, or just throw them together and mix? I opted for the latter and just added the flour to the egg whites and whisked..


It’s quite a sticky batter mix, and I threw in a pinch of salt. So then the prawns were dipped in..


Then they were deep fried. I fried them in batches and they do cook quickly, reckon they were ready in about 5 minutes..


I left them in till they had turned pink and were a nice golden brown..


We were just having these with some stir fried veg..


They make look quite crispy in the photo but actually they are quite soft. We loved these and could probably have eaten twice the amount I made!

Would I make these again? Yes, definitely, I’ve to make a sweet and sour to have with them next time!!



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