Fluffy Cheese Flan

I made these the other day for dinner, it’s another flan that’s more of a tart recipe!!



I was just making two individual ones so halved the ingredients and made 2oz of shortcrust pastry. That was rolled out and tart cases lined..


These were baked for about 15 minutes..


While they had been baking I made the filling, which is just a cheese sauce with an egg yolk thrown in! I was using a Red Leicester cheese, so think that’s added to the colour..


Then I whisked the egg whites and spooned that on top. It didn’t seem like enough for a covering, but am assuming it will puff up a bit when cooking.


More cheese is then sprinkled on top and then into the oven..


After about 15 minutes it has puffed up and is a nice golden colour..


They came out of the tins fine, but the egg sank a bit as they cooled so don’t look as appetising once I finally transferred to a plate!


The pastry looks a bit pale but it is nicely cooked and no soggy bottom. The cheesy filling and the meringue topping are both good, I do think I would maybe have preferred the meringue cooked even more. It was very soft so am thinking maybe a few more minutes in the oven would’ve been a good idea.

Would I make this again? Yes..


3 thoughts on “Fluffy Cheese Flan

  1. These look really yummy! Especially the molten cheese on top. It’s funny though how old cook books call dishes completely different things. One that gets me is the transition from using the term “rich bun” to “fairy cakes” and now “cupcakes”.

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