Egg Sauce

We were having steamed salmon for tea, and the chives growing in my garden are getting slightly out of control, so I decided to try this sauce tonight..



This recipe actually comes under a sub heading of variations on simple white sauce, and that’s exactly what it is! First off I made a simple white sauce..


Then I boiled an egg, chopped that up, cut some chives from the garden and chopped them up..


So once the sauce is done, the egg and chives are added..


So that’s it! A simple egg sauce..


We were having steamed salmon, potatoes and spinach for tea which was perfect for having with this sauce!


Well as sauces go this isn’t too bad at all!! I don’t think I’m completely over my dislike of eggs but when it’s coated in a well seasoned sauce and combined with some fresh chives it’s bearable!! I did actually really enjoy this sauce with the fish and veg but for some reason the other two weren’t so keen!!

Would I make this again? Yes I would!


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