Mint Sauce

As well as an abundance of chives I also have rather a lot of mint growing in my garden, it’s almost taking over my herb garden! So always looking for things to make with it and tonight we were having lamb chops for tea and this recipe seemed like an obvious choice!



The recipe says a small bunch which is a touch vague, so I used this much..


So because the mint quantity is a bit vague it made me wonder how the sugar quantity can be so exact!! Anyway I sprinkled that over the mint..


Then chopped the mint as finely as I could..


I put that into my sauceboat then added the water and then vinegar. I just used white vinegar and that’s a pretty vague quantity as well!! I put in one tablespoon first then tasted later on and added splash more. So I guess it depends on how you like it, it was quite sweet and I prefer it a bit tart so added more vinegar.

After an hour the mint was much darker and all very soft..


We were having this with lamb gigot chops, homemade oven chips and watercress salad..


Well I loved this! I’ve always liked mint sauce and remember we had it a lot as kids, it was either sauce or mint jelly which was much sweeter! I do think it could’ve done with a fraction more vinegar or I should’ve reduced the sugar, but I really loved the freshness if it.

Would I make this again? Yes, still loads more mint!!



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