Farmhouse Cake

I had never heard of a Farmhouse cake before but I was talking about this in work today and a colleague remembered her gran making it a lot! So I then did a quick search and came across loads of recipes, all pretty much the same and it’s an old fashioned light fruit cake!!



So first off all the dry ingredients are mixed together, I do love a cake with mixed spice..


I assumed it was plain wholemeal flour, and it does seem like a lot of compared to the amount of bicarbonate of soda! The start of this chapter does talk about rising agents and there’s even a wee science explanation about baking powder! It goes onto say that bicarbonate of soda is sometimes used instead of baking powder but I didn’t think they were that interchangeable!

Anyway, that fat is rubbed into the dry ingredients..


Then the fruit and sugar is added..


Then finally the egg and milk are added. I used the full amount of milk to get a dropping consistency. The mixture is then poured into the tin. It’s says an 8 inch tin the only reason I picked a square is that it’s deeper than my round 8 inch tin!


So I left it to bake in a fairly low oven for just about two hours, and by then the house was smelling great. It’s risen quite well and nicely browned after all that time..


I think I left to cool for about 30 minutes before having a slice..


It does have quite a crumbly texture, which am wondering if that’s because it’s quite a high flour to butter ratio..


I don’t care about it being crumbly as its takes fab!! I do love a fruit cake and this is a pretty light fruit cake so might appeal to those who don’t like their cakes packed with dried fruit! The mixed spice adds a nice flavour which I also love!

Would I make this again? Yes..



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