Savoury Lamb and Mushrooms

This isn’t my favourite cut of lamb, I don’t really buy lamb chops often at all, I much prefer a large joint of lamb slow cooked! I do like how simple this recipe sounds so may hopefully change my mind about lamb chops!



Really simple and quick prep for this recipe! First the tomatoes, onions and mushrooms go into a dish..


Then I trimmed some of the fat off the chops and they were plonked on top..


There really isn’t much meat on these chops! This should be enough for four apparently, but think this may struggle to fill up the three of us! I topped each chop with some butter, although not sure that’s entirely necessary, then some seasoning and that’s it..


After 45 minutes in the oven it’s all looking well cooked, I was thinking maybe a bit over cooked..


I made some mashed potato to have with this, help mop up the juices!


I think the lamb looks over cooked but it’s surprisingly soft and tastes good. The tomatoes, mushrooms and onions are all really soft and taste great having been cooking under the lamb! There’s a lot of liquid in the bottom of the dish which is actually really nice and the mashed potato was ideal for mopping up!!

We did manage to finish off the lot between the three of us and could’ve done with a bit more lamb!

Would I make this again? Yes, easy and tasty..



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