Cheese and Anchovy Dartois

Never heard of a dartois before, but I wanted an appetiser for a dinner..


After a bit of googling I did find a few other recipes and images and they were pretty similar and it gave me a good idea of what my end product should be!

I was making both as I had half a can of anchovies in the fridge that needed using, and I wanted to convince my family that they don’t taste that bad!!

So first I made the flaky pastry which obviously the recipe for that comes from the pastry chapter!


I was making 4oz of pastry so halved all these ingredients. I do have some lard in the fridge so opted for a lard/butter mix. It was harder than expected getting the lard and butter mixed together..


Once they’ve been worked together I rubbed a quarter of it into the flour..


After a bit of kneading and mixing it does end up in a very workable dough, it was easy to roll out and not too sticky..


So the recipe says to put another quarter of the butter mix onto the pastry in flakes like buttons on a card. Well am not too sure what it means by buttons on a card, and it’s not exactly flakes, more like splodges..


After a bit of folding and rolling I left the pastry to rest in the fridge. It did all get a bit sticky by the time all the butter had been incorporated.

While that was resting I made the filling. I mixed the egg and butter together, which is actually not an easy thing to do!! It was a disgusting lumpy mess!

I halved that mix and to one half I added cheese and to the other I added mashed anchovies.

Once the pastry had rested I started rolling it out.

First square was topped with the anchovy paste..


Then I made another square and that was topped with the cheese mix..


Each one was topped with another square of pastry which was then brushed with egg and marked into fingers..


After about 20 minutes in the oven they were looking nicely golden-brown..


Each one was cut into fingers..

Well these were great! The pastry is very flaky as you would expect but it’s really good! I loved both fillings, the anchovy one is quite strong but I did really like it, and think the others in my family enjoyed it too! The cheese one is fab as well! I couldn’t pick a favourite and that fact that they were polished off in a matter of seconds has to be a good sign!!

Would I make these again? Yes definitely..



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