Stuffed Cod Steaks

I do really like cod and often order it when eating out but I don’t buy it much to cook myself, if I need a white fish I tend to favour haddock..


So this is another recipe with a photo and am totally repeating myself when I say that it’s not a recipe I really need a photo for! I have a good idea what this should look like!


I stated making the filling by frying the bacon and onion..


Then I added the tomato and breadcrumbs..


It seems like a lot of milk, and I think the mixture was wet enough, I did add about a tablespoon to just make a bit more sticky.

So I bought the wrong cut of cod! The recipe says steaks or cutlets, but I had bought fillet! So I had to do a bit of improvising and sort of attempted to butterfly the fillets and then stuffed them with the mix!


After 20 minutes in the oven the fish was looking nicely cooked..


I decided I wanted to try recreate the photo from the book so I boiled some carrots and peas and served them altogether just like the photo..


Well this is another great fish recipe! The stuffing is really tasty and goes nicely with the cod. The fillets are quite thick and cooked just perfectly. All three of us really loved this and was three clean plates! There is another suggestion under this recipe and it says to add some cheese and sage, which sounds like a nice alternative.

Would I make this again? Yes definitely..


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