Devilled Poussins

This is another cut of meat that I’ve never cooked before, I cook chicken a lot but never a little poussin, which is pretty much a small chicken! Apparently it’s a butchers term for a young chicken, less than 28 days old..



So the recipe does say 4 Poussins which I’m assuming is meant to serve 4 but I’d only bought 1!! I decided I’d just try cooking 1 and see how I get on so that if I like it I can make again and serve one per person. It is pretty small..


It’s pretty easy to cut and open out..


Next I mixed up the other ingredients..


…and that was spread over the wee bird, I didn’t use all the mixture as I kept some back to cover over the underside when I’d turned it.


After just over 20 minutes and a couple of turns it was looking cooked and smelling good too!!


So I know this looks like hardly anything and was for the three of us to try but we did have with some salad and veg!


So I was worried this wasn’t enough to time to cook it but it was cooked perfectly, the meat was nice and juicy and flavour was great. I do sometimes wonder why I bother coating things like chicken as I never eat the skin but you could taste the flavours from the sauce mix, had just a slight tang. Overall this was good and we all enjoyed it! I can see how you could a whole one, pretty sure even my daughter could’ve managed a whole one herself!!

Would I make this again? Yup..


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