Lemon Delicious

I do love the name of this recipe and conjours up images of a lovely lemony sponge like pudding…



As you can see the recipe says this should turn out as a sponge with sauce underneath, I do quite like a self saucing pudding!!

It’s quite an unusal recipe I think, really small amount of butter to sugar ratio which made it harder to cream together..


Then adding the flour made it even harder to mix,


Finally adding the lemon rind and juice gives the mixture a bit of wetness..


Next I added the egg yolks and milk which then turns the mixture really wet, it almost feels too wet and isn’t going to turn out too well..


I got my wee sous chef to help with the next stage! We whisked the egg whites and then folded them into the mix..


So the mixture was gently poured into a pie dish and into the oven..


I checked on it after 45 minutes and was looking a bit pale and still felt a bit soft, so I left for the full hour and by then it looked and felt ready..


So I was expecting a sponge with a little bit of a sauce at the bottom, but it didn’t quite turn out like that!


It’s maybe not too easy to see from my photo but it’s like the top half of it is sponge and the bottom half is like what can only be described as lemon scrambled egg!! It really doesn’t look pretty when spooned out into a plate..


Appearances aside it is actually delicious!! The spongy bit is really lovely and the weird eggy layer is actually quite nice, it’s just not the most pleasant consitency!! We did all finish it, even my daughter enjoyed it! I just don’t think it turned out quite right and wonder if I had cooked it even longer would it have been more sponge and less scrambled egg!!

Would I make this again? Not sure, did enjoy it but it’s not quite turned out like I’d hoped!



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