Hamburger Pilaff

This recipe comes from the teach your child to cook chapter but on reading it am not sure if I’m teaching her much…



I’m trying to keep up my organised cooking so we looked out everything first. That’s when we realised we didn’t have ham so decided some cooked sliced turkey would do..


The peppers are optional but my daughter loves peppers so insisted both went in. So the recipes specifies frozen hamburger, so that’s what I bought! I can honestly say I don’t ever remember buying them! I think we did sometimes have them as kids. I was tempted to ignore the recipe and make some but felt that wasn’t in keeping with the recipes intentions!!

So the rice and veg all go into an ovenproof dish..


Then enough stock to cover..


Then the lovely hamburgers on top..


After 45 minutes in the oven the burgers on top are cooked and the rice has absorbed all the stock..


Not really sure if I’m looking forward to this, although my daughter was intrigued by the idea of a frozen hamburger!! So this was dinner and we both did eat the lot! I had halved all the ingredients except the burgers and only put on one each, but after scoffing the burger she was asking for another!!


It’s not exactly very exciting and not sure if I’m really teaching my child much about cooking but we ate it and we did enjoy it!

Would I make this again? Possibly, do still have half a box of burgers in the freezer…


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